The fintech industry is always evolving. Developers are pushing to release the next-best solution for the industry, and are changing the face of the banking and payments sectors. B2B entrepreneurs need to know what is happening in the industry. They need to ensure that they are using the latest SaaS solutions for their sector or that they understand the forecast for the industry or the regulations that are evolving as traditional banks move in on fintech.

This is a list of blogs from influential fintech experts and top businesses who are discussing change, sharing knowledge and moving the industry toward greater success.

Disruptive Finance

For insightful and engaging articles that challenge the industry norms, Huy Nguyen Trieu at Disruptive Finance never fails. Written with knowledge and experience, Huy Nguyen Trieu’s posts are personal and based on the real changes and challenges both the traditional and fintech industry are facing.

Daily Fintech

If you want a daily update, this is the blog that delivers. It dives into the trending news and offers opinions in an unashamed manner. Agree or disagree, the blog writers are industry professionals who just want to have their say about hot topics.

Fintech Finance

If you like to digest your news via a vlog, then this is the site that delivers. The focus on industry news and examination of Fintech B2Bs, payment tech, and crypto is comprehensive and insightful.


Packed with stats and data, the Finnovate blogs are informative and written in hard-news style. While not as easy to read as your average blog, most read like news, however, many are advertorial, so it’s important to sift through the content to be sure of what is really being said.

Duena Blomstrom

Author and keynote speaker Duena Blomstrom’s blog about the emotion of banking is trying to help the industry see the big picture; people are emotional about their money. Her insights are helping to shape the future of customer relations in a traditionally sterile, and somewhat hostile, financial sector.

Tom Groenfeldt

Groenfeldt writes for Forbes, the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), Chicago City Life and Banking Technology and Mondo Visione, in London. If you want professional-level writing with research insights, following Groenfeldt will lead you down a path of excellence.