In this fast-paced marketing world, getting attention can be fleeting. You might think that your strategy, months in the making, is going to attract that big fish and the budget for the year will be better than expected; but just as you launch that client turns to another online partner who had the same brilliant idea. So how can you revamp a strategy and gain some traction in the B2B world?

If business is all about connections, then that should be the focus of everything that you do.


  • Create eye-catching lists – If content is the key to maintaining attention, give people something to read, but remember, most people skim and spend only a few seconds reading content.
  • Paint a picture – Describe your product or service in meaningful ways. Be sure to include video content that shows clients how to use your product or how your service benefits businesses.
  • Share findings of studies – Be they your own studies and trials or those that your business is using, sharing informed research benefits your business. You appear generous and knowledgeable, qualities that garner trust.
  • Share your success – Celebrate your achievements online and let others know your business is doing well. It will help to attract more business and people see that you are established and well-respected.
  • Connect with the community – Get involved in a charity event, or launch your own. Publish your corporate responsibility commitment online. Let people see that your business has a human face and that you are committed to your community.
  • Work with influencers – Choosing the right people to connect with on Twitter and Instagram is simple when you use the right tools. Once you have a connection, your message will be sent to more of the right audience for your needs, and it comes with the additional benefit of a connection with a ‘known’ or respected industry influencer.
  • Social media channels – Omnichannel marketing has taken on a new meaning over the past decade, and it is vital that your business keep up. Invest in the right tools to auto-post your daily messages and hire excellent creative minds to keep your content relevant.

Marketing to businesses should follow the same strategies as marketing to any other type of customer. You need to gain trust, establish connections and develop relationships. This means opening your business up for people to see, understand and want to be involved in. Social media gives marketers the best opportunity to do that for your business. Transparency and relevance will help your business to be seen in a busy online environment.