Chatbots are the most valuable tool that you can use to increase your ‘likes’ on Facebook. However, there is more to chatbots than just installation. You can sign up for services, some of which are free, that allow you to customise your user experience and create an automatic sign up for people who engage with your chatbot, which do comply with the GDPR. This final point is very important, you do need to research the tool you use to make sure that it complies with the regulations in your region.

This subscriber or user list that is automatically generated can then be used to blast your latest post. The important thing to communicate in this post is your request that people like, comment and share your post. Asking people open-ended questions, such as ‘what do you think about…?’ means that people are more likely to comment, which means a broader distribution, as posts that have comments are more ‘liked’ and shared than those that have no comments.

  • Facebook Messenger messages have an open rate of 50-80{d1a1694403c5660430dc420b8f142668f13097a51a1c1fc172179b975fdf78b3}
  • Facebook Messenger messages have a click-through rate of 20{d1a1694403c5660430dc420b8f142668f13097a51a1c1fc172179b975fdf78b3}, especially when using chat blasting
  • Facebook Messenger messages have a conversion rate of 3-5x higher than Facebook desktop ads
  • Facebook Messenger marketing costs 30-50x less than Facebook ad campaigns (when using Facebook Send-to-Messenger Ads)

Messenger is a powerful tool that you can use to engage with your audience directly. It is important to know how important this platform is and how you can use it. Organic growth is difficult to obtain, however, accessing the tools that can make it happen are easy.