Facebook produces an extremely high marketing ROI. While it is no longer the free platform of the past, and despite persistent accusations against the social media site as a platform of fear-mongering, false information spreading and political manipulation, people still use the site as a way to share information and connect with ‘friends’.

You can still leverage Facebook for free, and we have 10 ways you can use the platform to promote your brand.

  1. Create a personal business presence using a fan page. 

One of the strengths of social media marketing is that you can easily create a relationship with your audience. The person-to-person interaction on social media makes consumers feel that they have encountered a brand in a meaningful way and that they now have a special connection with that company.

  1. Maintain a robust brand presence.

Your company’s Facebook posts are unlikely to show up in your audiences’ news feeds without paid promotion. However, people often use Facebook as a search engine to research a company, such as a company’s contact information, hours of operation and customer reviews. An active page that’s full of regular posts and audience engagement is important for ensuring that your business gets the right attention.

  1. Join Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are a great networking opportunity for professionals. There is a number of Facebook groups dedicated to various industries, professions, and interests. The more you contribute to the conversations taking place in these groups, the more your name will become recognized – and synonymous with industry leadership and expertise. You can customize your search for groups based on various keywords – and Facebook also makes suggestions, based on your profile.

  1. Create your own group.

If you can’t find any groups appropriate to your needs, make your own. You can add members, publish articles, host discussions, and likely meet prospects. Owning the group and controlling the conversations automatically grants you industry leadership status in the eyes of your members, which helps when they realize they need the product or service you provide.

  1. List your events.

Create an event page and invite friends and people in the groups you’re in to watch you host a webinar or other online event.

  1. Syndicate your blog.

Share your blog with your Facebook audience. More Exposure = More Traffic = More Leads.

  1. Ask your network to share blog posts.

Ask your team and partners, your current customers, and even your friends and family to share your company’s posts on their personal Facebook profiles. That way you are sharing your valuable content and reaching a broad audience – all for free.

  1. Reach out! 

Reach out to your mentors or idols on Facebook. Many people check their Facebook messages more regularly than their email. They are also more likely to respond to Facebook messages. If you don’t want to send a personal message you can also just post a message to their wall.

  1. Stream live video with Facebook Live. 

The immediacy of live video creates the sense for your viewers that they are getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the real you. It’s a great way to give people the opportunity to feel connected with your brand.

  1. Create a community.

One of Facebook’s greatest assets is that it allows you to create a community. It gives you a constant connection to your audience who are open to hearing your message. Engage with people authentically by writing on their walls, responding to their comments, conversing in groups, or responding to messages.