Yes; customer experience (CX) is always important, and for B2B operators, it is vital to the growth prospects of the business. Customers want fast and easy access to your business, so providing great CX on your site means more than a contact form and prominently positioned email address.

While for most B2B organisations, lowering costs, improving quality, and boosting efficiency are seen as a way to boost sales, a recent Gartner survey found that 51{d1a1694403c5660430dc420b8f142668f13097a51a1c1fc172179b975fdf78b3} of B2B marketers rank their current digital experience as average at best.

However, according to several experts, B2B companies need to focus on improving the experience they provide together with other goals and objectives. Buyers look to your website to learn about your product, company, pricing and other key factors before reaching out. For this reason, B2B companies must work on providing more intelligent tools and functionalities on their website and various platforms to ensure easy access to the right knowledge assets.

Create a Differentiated Experience

  • Only 34{d1a1694403c5660430dc420b8f142668f13097a51a1c1fc172179b975fdf78b3} of B2B manufacturing brands with site search tools allow site users to filter site search queries.
  • Only 26{d1a1694403c5660430dc420b8f142668f13097a51a1c1fc172179b975fdf78b3} of site search tools leverage auto-fill technology.
  •  <24{d1a1694403c5660430dc420b8f142668f13097a51a1c1fc172179b975fdf78b3} provide corrections to search queries.

These issues can be solved using machine learning technology. While it is an investment, your ROI is sure to be seen in the number of new leads that come through your website.

Machine learning technology helps us to learn about a customer’s individual characteristics, needs and desires, and adapt applications to serve them in real-time. This type of customer profiling is vital to your success. Applying technology that can use data to accurately predict the needs of your site visitors boosts consumer confidence and helps to lead your traffic further down the sales funnel.

Creative CX B2B includes:

  • Chatbots
  • Responsive messaging
  • Automated email replies
  • Customer profiling
  • Virtual assistants
  • Content personalisation
  • Auto filling
  • Search filtering

As we normalise reliance and acceptance of AI and machine learning, businesses who have not maintained a basic level of CX sophistication on their website will find that business will move away. This is not because your product or service has changed, but because the ways in which people are searching and locating solutions have evolved. Making an investment in AI tools for sales and marketing will present your business as forward-thinking, reliable and modern.