Your eCommerce Strategy Partner.

Shiroyama 601 offers tailormade solutions and expert advice to develop your online business and establish your brand in the international marketplace

Customer Service OutsourcingPSP Solutions

Shiroyama 601 is your support network for eCommerce and online business management.

We create tools from your resources so that you can achieve the targets set for your business.

Risk and Regulatory Compliance

We keep up to date with the changes to regulations, laws and policies so you aren’t left behind. Changes to eCommerce policy are rapid and at times, complex. We can advise you on what you need to know, how to implement changes and when you need to enforce compliance strategies.

Online and On-site Reviews

We make the most of your data to produce effective reviews of your business. From understanding your site traffic to examining sales data, our research team will report on the aspects of your business that you need to understand in order to meet your targets.

Customer Service Outsourcing

We can provide you with professional multi-lingual and multi-channel support services across all connected devices to satisfy your customer support needs. Reduce your costs and training times and focus your online business on its strengths; we’ll take care of your customer support outsourcing needs.

ECommerce Consulting and Digital Marketing

We help you get closer to your customers. We provide you with the support you need from understanding merchandising requirements and website management to creating a marketing strategy that captures your target market, our consulting team can help you transform your business and increase your potential.

UX and UI Development

We understand people, and we understand design – because we do the research, then create what you need to take your website to the next level. Encourage traffic to engage with your site and present your business on a flawless platform with help from our development services.

PSP Solutions

We provide the technical means for payments processing in the Asia region. Payments service providers can offer their merchants access to bank transfer, WeChat Pay, AliPay and other payments methods using our solutions. Our software service is secure and we charge you only for what you use.

Leadership Development and Coaching

We believe that each person has the ability to be a leader, but what type of leader do you want to be? We develop strategies, offer coaching and help guide people towards new methods of leadership that have been developed by psychologists and proven effective by researchers.


We never underestimate the power of branding. If you are struggling to make the connection between your product and your brand, we can help. Distinguish your eCommerce site with a branding strategy designed for your business. Appeal to your clients with a branding strategy that communicates with clarity.

At Shiroyama 601, we are invested in your success. We help you create new opportunities, realise your potential and reach your peak performance. We have years of experience providing secure services, sourcing professional BPOs, mining and analysing data, writing business reports and other content, forecasting, and developing marketing strategies that drive businesses towards success.

Our services are aimed at developing your eCommerce business using your data, incorporating our hands-on experience and developing the strategies that work for your business.

Custom Services

We assess your business goals. We want to develop the strategies that will work for you. So, we assign the team that you need to reach your goals.
From brand development and awareness to guiding your management team towards leadership styles that embody your business, we have the team to help you succeed.

Pragmatic Development

We use your data to develop strategies that will transform your business. We sift through your raw data to generate reports that mean something to your business.
From understanding traffic behaviour to writing a business strategy for investors, we can help you make sense of the resources you already have.

Be Aware

We help you keep on top of developments in the eCommerce industry. We understand how fast things can change, and sometimes SME’s, B2B and P2P businesses are confused about what applies to them and what does not.
We can assess your online business and advise you on compliance and policy implementation so your business can continue to thrive.

The Digital Paradigm Shift

The Digital Paradigm Shift

Business-to-business (B2B) selling is changing. Digital has made the competition more fierce, networking easier, and researching deeper. There are more products to choose from making the sales cycle longer as prospects spend more time moving up and down the funnel....

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Should You Use Personality Tests to Recruit New Talent?

Should You Use Personality Tests to Recruit New Talent?

According to research, the average time an employee stays with a company is 4.2 years. Onboarding is expensive and time-consuming, so taking the time to find the right person to fill job roles is important. It is one of the reasons why employers will often ask job...

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Signs That it’s Time to Expand Your Team

Signs That it’s Time to Expand Your Team

You’ve launched your business and things are looking positive. You feel like it might be time to take on some hired help, some committed and talented people who can help fill the gaps in your knowledge or skills. However, there is one very serious risk to consider; it...

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Should You Conduct Performance Reviews?

Should You Conduct Performance Reviews?

‘Sorry Kevin, you’ve not met your KPIs this quarter.’ ‘But...I conceived of and worked on the project that secured the contact with our leading client.’ ‘Yes, but you didn’t meet your personal targets. We all know you work really hard and you are very valuable to the...

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When is it Time to Update Your B2B Website?

When is it Time to Update Your B2B Website?

Your website is not static, it needs to be updated as your business evolves, but how do you know when it’s time to make that investment? Your B2B website is one of your most important business tools. While you might still rely on networking, tradeshows, and a good...

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