We are kept informed about changes to regulations, laws and policies so we can serve you.

Changes to eCommerce policy are rapid and at times, complex. Our researchers and experienced compliance officers keep track of what changes need to be made; they know why and when, and they understand how to implement changes in ways that cause your business the least disruption.

Do I need guidance?

Are you struggling with:


GDPR updates and placement


Payments processing and risk management


Understanding what policies apply to your business

Do you need:



To update your website inline with new policy


To establish a relationship with a payments processor


To assess your site for compliance

We can help you:

  • Update your site with correct and timely compliance measures
  • Make a connection with a trusted payments processor
  • Boost your growth by understanding your risks
  • Streamline policy updates without downtime
  • Keep up to date with changes to the online payments systems

We help businesses large and small to reach their potential based on the facts they share with us. We work with you to develop the strategies that will optimise your growth. We like to have a dedicated team work closely with someone from your organisation so we can meet your expectations.

If you would like to know more about how Shiroyama 601 can transform your business, please contact us today.