The SaaS sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.2{d1a1694403c5660430dc420b8f142668f13097a51a1c1fc172179b975fdf78b3} during the forecast period between 2018 and 2023, according to Business Wire. It is these third-party providers who are supporting the B2B marketplace, with cloud expected to be the biggest revenue generator for the sector. Cloud-hosted solutions are expected to reach US$191 billion in 2020.

This is important information if you are looking for a new SaaS solution to grow your B2B enterprise. You need to choose a solution that, if it is not already using cloud-hosted solutions, that it is at least compatible with cloud hosting, because right now, it is the most viable option for our online future.

When choosing a solution that is going to best suit your business and team, there are a few things to remain focused on.

The software should:

  • Work around customer behaviour, and automate engagement and communication with minimal interference
  • Automate data discovery and provide operable intelligence
  • Help keep assets and resources under control
  • Optimise the potential of human capital as your main asset
  • Allow you to accomplish tasks and give access to data via mobile devices

In order to achieve these goals, there are software options that make your B2B operations easier. Depending on what you need, the following applications can streamline much of your back-end processing accurately, develop leads and support your revenue growth. Most offer a high-value ROI when used correctly. Depending on the size of your expansion and the needs of your business, third-party SaaS can automate many of the time-consuming tasks that cost money.

Social Media Engagement Software

To reach your audience you need a social media strategy that is networked across the various platforms. Developers have delivered software that can help you to create a media presence that is consistent, can optimise your posts in search results and help track social engagement with your business. When these strategies are effectively put into place, you can improve services, communicate with your clients and generate new leads with relative ease.

Apps such as Hootsuite, Buffer and SocialPilot, can streamline your social engagements, provide a dashboard and help you maintain a working social media strategy with the automation of posts.

Recruitment Apps and Freelance Platforms

HR technology means that finding the right people is easier than ever before. While the software cannot replace the need for human interaction when it comes to finding the right people, it can make the process easier.

Recruitment apps allow employers to post ads for the staff they need, and job seekers to post their qualifications. The app helps to filter the information so that employers and job seekers can find each other in a vast sea of opportunities.

Freelance platforms are a great asset to businesses who need a specific task completed, but who do not need a full-time employee. Such platforms are great places to find writers, web and graphic designers, translators and other talented professionals. BambooHR and are two such service providers that are benefiting business and workers.

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management is vital for the success of any business. The automation of customer data into readable information that can help you to manage inventory, back-end processing, accounts, data storage and various other functions means that your business can run more efficiently. The accuracy of the data from such systems can also be easily segmented, meaning that you can target the right clients with the right products or services and gauge their response.

While these are only a few of SaaS’ that can bolster your business, there are many others that can perform niche tasks, such as interoffice communications and organisation for remote workers, and payments providers for online merchants.

As technology evolves, it is important to ensure that your B2B is maintained with SaaS that is also evolving. Look for developers who are committed to customer service, that are adaptable to change, and most importantly, that offer your business the highest standards of online security.