Not everyone is suited to working from home, just as not everyone is suited to working in an open office. The worldwide lockdown has highlighted the importance of recognising the differences that make workers productive and effective. Some people need conversation, movement and daily interactions to work to their consistently high standards, while for many others this situation is the chance they need to prove that working from home brings out their best.

Whether you are thriving or failing in working from home, creating a routine can make a big difference to your productivity, and your emotional stability. The world is in a state of flux and no matter where you are, making long-term plans have been taken off the table. So focus on what you can do by trying some of these tips for dealing with isolation, confinement and working from home.

When you create some boundaries around your week, you can better mark the time. If you are just doing the same thing every day with weekends a blur of couch surfing and binge-watching, you might consider how you can add variety in a way that fits with structure.

Theme Nights

In the ‘before times’, it is likely that you had a routine, such as eating cheese toast on Tuesday night or going to trivia on Fridays. Now, you need to find a way to switch it up in your home so it feels like a more interesting place than the same four walls you are staring at.

Friday Fun Day could see you not only mark the end of the week but also get creative. Hawaiian Night could involve cocktails, pizza and costumes. Cheese Night could be about trying new cheeses and wine pairings that you’ve researched throughout the week.

Sunday Catch Up

If you are making the effort to chat with friends and family online, perhaps you can introduce an extra element, such as playing with backgrounds, sharing your favorite music, being daring with makeup or playing trivia.

Plan with your contacts what activity you want to do, just as you would a night out together.


Now is not the time to start a new type of exercise and think you will stick with it. If you are a runner, get the equipment you need (some places require a face mask to be worn at all times) and get running. If you are a committed yoga practitioner, join your regular group online (if your studio is online) and get into your asanas.

However, if you have never tried ballet, don’t expect that you are going to love a barre workout and want to do it three times a week. Instead, enjoy playing. Try new exercise classes online, but make sure that you include at least three days a week of your regular activity.


Give yourself permission to relax the way you normally would. You do not need to use every spare moment learning or cleaning. Just because you are saving time on commuting doesn’t mean you need to be using that time in another way.

In fact, most people at this time are likely to be tired due to poor sleep caused by stress. Use that extra time to sleep in, nurture yourself, or just play with the dogs.